Calm AF

Girl, life's throwing you more plot twists than a Bachelorette season finale, am I right? You're in that chapter where chaos feels as common as drama on Keeping up with the Kardashians. And let's be real, work-life balance, mom-life balance... Finding serenity is like locating that overpriced lip gloss in your black-hole, bottomless purses. And let's be honest, resisting the urge to release a primal scream during your child's impromptu bedtime rock concerts is a daily feat.

Our 'Calm as F*ck' collection, featuring tranquil gemstones like clear quartz and amethyst, is your silent partner in crime, helping you be the mom who conquers bedtime battles with a serene smile instead of a scream.

And while we might not have the superpower to stop you from slashing your ex's tires, we sure have the magic touch of 'Calm as F*ck' gemstones to keep you sane.

So treat yourself or gift these beauties — because self-care is not just a luxury; it's a survival tactic. 💫✨