My Story

If She Could See Me Now. I discovered my passion for jewelry-making thirty years ago. At the age of six, as the sun set and the world outside faded into darkness, I would go indoors, and eagerly reach for my beading kit. It was in those quiet moments that my love for jewelry was born, making my mom countless pairs of earrings that would slowly fill her jewelry boxes. Fast forward three decades, and my passion has become an extraordinary brand. What began as a humble idea in 2009, selling pieces at the local Sunday art show, has transformed into a meaningful, successful, and luxe AF brand I’m so grateful to have founded. My pieces have been worn by hundreds of A-list celebrities including Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, and even members of the iconic Guns N' Roses. I’m still in awe and sit with gratitude as I’m writing this...really, me? A daughter of an immigrant, I've had my designs worn on the red carpets of the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Grammy Award shows. Girl! I’m still sitting here pinching myself knowing my story and designs have also been featured in hundreds of media publications including Forbes, Huff Post, BuzzFeed, and on national TV. Here’s the deal, I’ve always been drawn to gemstones and jewelry. I’d wear different stones to help me at different stages and challenges in my own life. From overcoming depression, changing careers, becoming a wife, miscarrying my first pregnancy, finding my identity as a new mom, trying to balance work and life. My dream and intention with this brand is that the pieces become part of your story. Wherever you are in this beautiful journey of life. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you find a piece for yourself or as a gift and it helps you find; hope, balance, courage, clarity, or success no matter what you’re going through! XOXO Jennifer L. Cervantes