Because screaming is so last season.

Infinity Gold Hoop Earrings Clear Quartz

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Clear quartz: calming, balance, healing

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Toss out the drama and embrace the serenity with our Infinity Gold Hoop Earrings featuring the calming vibes of clear quartz.

The infinity design adds a touch of timeless chic to your look, while the clear quartz brings a dose of tranquility – because, let's be real, losing your cool is so last season. Slip on these earrings, and let the world know that calm is the new black. 🌀✨

14k gold filled. 35mm.

- Classic 14-karat gold filled hoop design adorned with the calming energy of clear quartz
- A chic addition to your timeless style, bringing tranquility to your daily grind
- Hypoallergenic for a carefree, all-day wear

No time for drama. Keep these earrings away from chemical chaos, store them like your favorite secrets, and let the clear quartz work its magic – because calm is the new black. 🌀✨

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