It’s time to channel our inner Beyoncé.

Dainty Gold Stud Earrings Labradorite

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Labradorite: courage, protection, power

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Step into strength with our fearless Dainty Gold Stud Earrings featuring Labradorite – your backstage pass to courage. These genuine 14 karat gold filled material studs aren't just accessories; they're your daily anthem of guts, inspired by the regal poise of iconic trailblazers like Beyoncé, who redefine resilience. Embrace the empowering energy of labradorite, crafted to elevate your vibe and make every day a bold statement.

- Genuine 14-karat gold filled studs
- Adorned with a small dangle featuring the empowering Labradorite gemstone
- Hypoallergenic for everyday wear

Your everyday anthem of strength, these Labradorite-studded earrings inspire courage inspired by iconic trailblazers. Avoid harsh chemicals, store in a cool, dry place, and let these gems be your bold statement of empowerment. 💃✨

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