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Empowering Gemstones

Inspired by Life | Handmade by Moms

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Unapologetically Seen In

We're not just a jewelry brand.

we're your accomplice in this wild, beautiful journey called life.

girl, We got your back!

Share Courage.

Bring Balance.

Embrace Success.

Celebrate Change.

BE Fierce AS F*CK

Crafted with passion and purpose.

our pieces are more than jewelryβ€”they are daily reminders to be brave, calm, and believe.

Take the quiz to unlock the piece you need.

Looking to be Brave AF, Calm AF or ready to Believe it Babe?

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Let's Go!

Supporting Local Women

We are proud to be a handmade brand. We empower local moms by providing opportunities that help them support their families.

embody the confidence & courage of a true queen with our

Labradorite collection


bring balance and calmness to your daily hustle with our

Clear Quartz collection


it's about embracing life's adventures with fierce empowerment.

The hide & stone story

Our founder, Jennifer Cervantes, began this journey three decades ago, weaving her love for jewelry into every piece.

From humble beginnings at local art shows to gracing the red carpets of the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Grammy Awards, Hide & Stone is a celebration of dreams materialized.

Jennifer's personal connection to gemstones mirrors the diverse chapters of her life, from overcoming adversity to finding balance, courage, and success.

Now, she invites you to make these pieces a part of your narrative.

Each collection embodies a unique energy, resonating with the ebb and flow of your experiences.

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